Johnnies Fresh Meat Market

Owner Lisa

Family Tradition

Johnnies Fresh Meat Market is a family-owned and operated business and has been in our family since 1972; we are Charleston’s hometown butcher shop. Today, my daughter, Krisene Stanley (third generation) runs the daily operations of our Market location and I (that’s me, Lisa Surface, in the picture) oversee operations of our Huntington, WV location. Since 1972 we have continued the family tradition of proving our customers with fresh prime butcher selections. We pride ourselves on the old-style butcher shop by giving personal service, superior quality selections and traditional offerings (something you don’t always get in a big grocery store). The “daily grind”; our fresh quality ground chuck, ground round and ground beef are prepared daily for the perfect burgers, spaghetti sauces or casseroles.

Prime Selections

Beef, Chicken, Pork! We feature baby back ribs, country ribs, chitterlings, veal cutlets, veal , rabbit, duck, French cut rack of lamb, WV raised natural lambs Chops, Leg of lamb, lamb shank, thick sliced bacon, Andouille (Cajun), Chorizo (Mexican and Spanish) and Demus Italian sausage. Other meats we carry include venison, elk, wild boar,  beef and chicken liver, ground veal, oxtails, cow’s tongue, pork brains, buffalo steaks & burgers, pig’s feet, ears and maws.

Making the cut…

We sell a lot of fresh cut select meat and we understand and appreciate your request for custom cuts. We always have a meat cutter ready and prepared to tackle any request to customize an order. Don’t hesitate to ask.

We custom make our very own ground sausage which is a must-have by many. Do you require a special order for the holidays - your traditional family cut of beef tenderloin, standing rib roast, prime rib, or duck? Special orders before the holidays are simple and easy by calling us at the shop! WV raised meets include lamb, pork, beef, goat and all natural and local "Naked Chicken'.

What’s for Lunch?

 A made-to-order sandwich, grilled quesadilla or salad! You just can’t go wrong when we make it the way you want it. Complete the sandwich or salad slip, choose chips and/or a drink and viola, LUNCH on the go!

We won’t “steer” you wrong.

When choosing from one of the eight butcher packages we offer varieties ranging from a Cookout Special $69.95 to a Hibernation Pack at $279.95. Load up the freezer and always be prepared to feed the family.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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