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Ted Armbrecht

The story goes like this…

The Wine & Cheese Shop (TWS) was one of the original merchants when Capitol Market opened in 1997. Our shop features a huge selection of wine, cheese, craft beer, gift items, accessories, and glassware. TWS was located in Hall 2 of the Market in 1997 then expanded, remodeled and relocated to Hall 1 in 2010 taking over 1200 square feet of wall to wall wine space.

Meet Ted!

I am Ted Armbrecht, an owner and Managing Partner of this unique shop for 15 years. After learning the ropes of the wine business from partner Susan MacQueen, I took over the reins of all aspects of the business in 2006. I enjoy all wines but have a soft spot for champagne and pinot noir.

Our crew…

Our staff is a unique group all made up of wine lovers, beer lovers and cheese lovers! Scotty and Beth have worked at the shop since 2006 and with that kind of longevity comes a certain expertise invaluable to our customers. Scotty chooses the beer and fine imported and domestic cheese selections and has an affinity for French wines while Beth is our jack-of-all- trades in the shop and is indispensable. Beth favors the extremes. Very dry or very sweet wines! In addition to Scotty and Beth other wine staffers are eager to share their favorites, as well as, their expertise.

So many beer choices!

Choosing a Beer isn’t that hard when you can mix and match a six pack to suit your taste or the opportunity to buy one bottle of something new to try without buying an entire six back. The mix and match selection comes with a 10% discount. The growth of the craft beer industry has reached West Virginia and it feels like almost weekly new beers are being registered in the state. This is an exciting time for beer enthusiasts in West Virginia and we are actively seeking to increase our selection.

Committed to taking the mystery out of selecting wine!

Describing our wine selection isn’t easy because we thrive to excel at every aspect of making your selection something you will enjoy. So here goes! We carry a wide array of fine wines from all over the world. Our prices are competitive and range from $4 to $400 a bottle, satisfying anyone’s palate or wallet. Check out our “Terrific Tens” rack with a constantly changing medley of white and red wines under $10.99/bottle. We have a temperature controlled “Wine Room” that houses all of our premium wines. This room is kept at a constant 56 degrees and the appropriate humidity level, insuring the perfect environment for long term ageing.

Join us!

Frequent Buyer Program appeals to the novice wine drinker as well as the serious oenophile. Getting your name is the first step to participating in our "Frequent Buyer Program". The program works this way-- purchase $100 in wine in one month's time (not all at once-a bottle or two at a time is fine). The rest is easy! 10% of anything over that $100 goes toward a purchase the next month. For example, if you were to spend $150 this month, you would have $15 to put towards a purchase next month. You may use your discount for up to 50% of your purchase price. Your discount may be used all at once, a few dollars at a time, or rolled over from month to month. You don't have to keep track of a thing; we'll do all the work for you!

Our Beers

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