Fish Tacos

Chef Paul Smith

Cajun Grilled Swordfish

1 T vegetable oil

2lb fresh swordfish

1 T cajun seasoning

6 flour tortillas 6"

Brush swordfish with oil. Season with cajun seasoning on a preheated grill place fish on grill for 3 minutes each side until done. Reserve to side.


Cilantro Sour Cream

1 cup sour cream

1 lime zest and juice

1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped

salt & pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in bowl and reserve


Mango Slaw

1/2 head of cabbage sliced very thin

1 mango peeled and diced

1 jalapeno seeded and minced

2 T mayonnaise

1 T dijon mustard

1 T rice or apple cider vinegar

1 T sugar

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix and sit in refrigerator. Best if made the day before serving.


Place cooked swordfish on 6" tortillas, top with slaw then cilantro sour cream.

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